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San Diego State University

Gate Millennium Scholars Program

  • SDSU Gates Scholars
  • Magdalena Rodriguez
  • Fiorella Morales
  • Mony Chau
  • Michelle Hadley

Success Stories from SDSU’s Gates Millennium Scholars

Aztec students have been part of this prestigious program for nearly a decade.

Magdalena Rodriguez

Magdalena Rodriguez is an accomplished and caring scholar who wishes to solve the inequalities within academia.

Jocelyn Pacheco

Jocelyn Pacheco, Fall 2014 PhD student, Education

Fiorella Morales

Master's student interested and engaged in international education

Mony Chau

Gates Scholar Passionate about Health and Wellness

Michelle Hadley

Masters student in Postsecondary Educational Leadership Devoted to Helping Other Students Succeed

    Welcome to the Aztec Gates Millenium Scholars (GMS) Mentoring Program at San Diego State University (SDSU).

    The GMS Mentoring program was created to support SDSU GMS students as they work toward completing their academic degree programs.  The goal of the GMS Mentoring Program is to connect Gates undergraduate scholars to graduate students, faculty/staff,  as well as to connect Gates scholars to campus support programs and resources.


    The GMS Mentoring program hosts meetings every semester and promotes campus-wide activities in research, scholarship, leadership, and service. 

    Congratulations to the current SDSU Gates Scholars and we look forward to working with you!